- David Blaine -

Dope on a Rope.

From the newspapers:

Instant impressions don't help.
''As I approach the ultimate South Bank show, the first thing I see is a line of charas from which Asian tourists busily debouch.
They scurry to the perimeter fence surrounding Blaine's box,
take a quick snap and then rush back to their coaches: Another Instamatic impression and on to the next event.''

After I had cried out the obligatory "We love you Dave" -
Dave actually waved to me! Really! I got a Dave wave! I must be happy now!

Dave has some very strange moves up there in the box!

Apparently, Dave doesn't eat up in the box...
This also leads to all sorts of wisecracks:

Why wouldn't David Blaine be able to handle prison?

The three meals a day would kill him!