Expo 2000

The "Expo 2000" expedition July 2000
Hannover 22nd of July

Expo is all about the future...
This Tylstrup bus took us from Aarhus to Hannover. Starting from Aarhus at 10 PM on the 21st. This picture is taken south of Hamburg on the 22nd at 6 AM.
Most countries of the world had their own pavillon at the Expo. Some were amazing, some were huge and some were spectacular. The Dutch pavillon were all of the above. Why they had wind mills on the top - turning without wind ? - I am not sure (Willem?).
The danish pavillon were a lot smaller. But quite nice as well. The "Bjoern Noergaard" statues I could do without though. I think it is a pregnant male and an angry bird we see here. The pyramid is nice though.
Expo Brucke.
Future land.
Expo Plaza.
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