Mobile Computing

HTC Desire impressions, december 2010:

A closer look at some android applications:
Shazam, Quake, Eliza, R.I.V.K.A., Layar augmented reality and more.


and conclusions....

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Desire Day videos:




Part I: Mobile Computing - HTC Desire first impressions -

Google Earth, Shazam, Eliza, R.I.V.K.A., Layar app (Augmented Reality), Quake and more.






Part II: Mobile Computing - HTC Desire first impressions -

Connecting laptop to the internet through the phone (First with phone as a WIFI hotspot, next using the Tether app).

Then, more Android apps: Google Maps, Qik live streaming and Google Goggles.


In the end it is all about being connected.

As demonstrated in this facebook friends connectivity map from december 2010.

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