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Love this book! It is so right: Adding manpower to a late software project makes it later...
Still, some 34 years later - that is what people keep doing. Why?

I.e. Assigning more people to a project running behind schedule will make it even later:
Due to the time required for the new people to learn about the project,
the new levels of middle managers, increased communication overhead etc.

More wisdom: The second system, an architect designs, is very dangerous, as he will tend to incorporate all of the additions
he did not put into the first system (due to time constraints...). The second system will therefore be over-engineered.

Q: How does a large software project go one year late? A: One day at a time.
I.e. You must have attention to individual milestones at all level of managements.
- Never understood how this could be so difficult, but apparently this is super difficult to understand?

October 2009

Pics from visit to the Computer Museum, Mountain View, CA. - Visible Storage display items.