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The Apple 1 - designed and hand-built by Steve Wozniak.
The thing Wozniaks friend Steve Jobs would run around selling in Palo Alto, CA. back in 1976.

The Apple 1 were not just a kit, it actually had a fully assembled circuit board with 30 chips.
Still, to make a working computer, users had to add a case, power supply, keyboard, not to mention display?
- Wonder, howmany ever made it work?
Storage came somewhat later - Keying in the programs by hand before each use must have been great fun though?

The Apple II, 1977, already kind of looks like an Apple.
The owners club is just another uber cool place to be (on the internet).

And again, I read all of this stuff with emulators. The crazy people out there
apparently also have emulators for this, so they can run Apple 1 stuff on their 2009 PC? Or Iphone?

October 2009

Pics from visit to the Computer Museum, Mountain View, CA. - Visible Storage display items.