- David Blaine -

Dope on a Rope.

And there he was - David Blaine - the dope on a rope - hanging there in his plexiglass cage.

Is this art?
And what does it say about our culture? :-)

These pictures were taken on October 4th 2003, as David had been at it for some 30 days
- with 14 days to go up there in the cage.


The whole thing had a carnival atmosphere to it!
Indeed, Blaine's act of imprisonment seemed to have a liberating effect on everyone else.

Stay there long enough and you would begin to forget your own daily routine.
You would meet all sorts of interesting new people etc.

At least so, according to one newspaper report:
''It says something about our own form of solitary confinement that it takes a man in a glass box to get us to open up to other human beings.''

'Why?' What drives him? Is it self-fulfilment, money, vanity, exhibitionism?
Or is it just a sign of the times - Lunacy? Pure and simple?

What has six sides and thinks it's Jesus? David Blaine in a plexi-glass box.


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