The Subura:

Talked to my hotel receptionist about where Julius Caesar was born....
We quickly agreed that it was in the Suburra.

On a map of the 7 hills of Rome, the Suburra district (The english word suburbs
is derived from Subura) can be found between the Capitoline and the Esquiline Hills.

On this modern day map my receptionist sketched where the Suburra is/was located.
Caesar was born here and grew up in this ''middle class, popular neighborhood''
- close to the real slums of the Subura further up the Esquiline hill.

Historian Peter Oersted thinks that Caesars house in the Subura was here, see arrow (Map from 200 A.D.).
The Argiletum is todays Via Cavour.
Pretty close to the Porta Esquilina, where the worst slums of Rome could be found.
Sure, Caesar was part of the nobiles, but he certainly lived near the Populus Romanus as a child.
See Oersteds Caesar (d) or Goldsworthys Imperator (e).


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